Kickboxing & Boxing Classes

FIMA Martial Arts provides Kickboxing and Boxing classes six days a week for all ages, sexes and abilities.

All our classes are fun, high tempo and above all safe and secure - we take responsibility for the safety of each and every one of our students, especially the Lil' Dragons (age range 5 to 8), very seriously. Each of our classes is led by a fully trained and qualified instructor (see our Team page for details) and caters for all abilities - from beginner to competitive expert. 

Free Trial Class

If you are interested in trying out Kickboxing or Boxing, come along to one of our classes for a free no obligation trial. Just get in touch with us and we will arrange everything for you.

Kick boxing classes in Tunbridge Wells

FIMA Martial Arts Classes:

We provide four different types of classes six days a week. Mixed sex, age and ability Kickboxing classes, our Lil' Dragons (ages 5 to 8), Ladies only classes and Boxing classes. Click on the links below to find out more.