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Kickboxing and Boxing Classes in Tunbridge Wells

FIMA Martial Arts provides kick boxing and boxing classes in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, for all ages (5 upwards) and for all standards (beginner to advanced).

We provide a friendly, safe and supportive atmosphere for our students and aim to make our classes fun and enjoyable for everyone, whilst challenging and stimulating them.

Classes Five Days a Week

FIMA Martial Arts in Tunbridge Wells offers classes five days a week (exluding bank holdiays - because even we take a holiday occassionally).  Mixed classes are held Monday to Friday evenings, with dedicated classes for “Lil’ Dragons" (ages 5 to 8) and on Sunday mornings there is a boxing class.


Highly motivated instructors offer the opportunity to train in a stimulating atmosphere. Students can achieve excellent results including:

  •  High Levels of expertise
  •  Improved fitness
  •  Enhanced stamina
  •  Superior agility and flexibility
  •  Self defence and sparring techniques are taught in a controlled and safe environment

Free Trial Class

If your interested in trying out Kick Boxing or Boxing, come along to one of our classes for a free no obligation trial. Just get in touch with us and we will arrange everything for you.